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Alphanonsense Print

£12.00 - £25.00

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Do you use portmanteau words for things sometimes? When one word just won't do, but combining them with another word speaks volumes, think of brunch, chillax, frenemy and er internet (yes, international network!)... Well we've made up some portmanteau style nonsense words, from A to Z. And when we say nonsense, we do mean nonsense!

If you would like to forgo the nonsense and just have a bright fun letter print, then that's fine too! I can take off the extra stuff, just let me know. Or if you want to change it to your kid's name, sure why not!

Printed on 300gsm card with colours that pop! The print should be with you in 5 - 7 days.

The prints are one big letter as shown in the first image, or or if you'd like a snazzy multi-print of 9 you can do that too, just let me know when you order. You can have any configuration you want!

Any other questions about your order, just ask.

And just in case you can't see them, here's a list of the words and their meanings (in our weird world of cornercube)

Ablarial - verb: loud music from above
Bellion - noun: an organised group of peaceable people
Cheftoon - noun: a person who cooks in a haphazard but elegant fashion
Dalligoggle - verb: when somebody delays because they spot something captivating en route
Ebriated - verb: sober as a judge
Frissonaire - noun: somebody who frequently gets a thrill of excitement from something random
Gruntled - verb: the opposite of disgruntled
Hocklorp - noun: an eccentric art collector
Iglicit - noun: an inuit house that doesn’t meet building regulations
Joggince - noun: the area in which someone regularly exercises
Kipmare - noun: falling asleep in the middle of an enjoyable programme
Linquint - noun: the marks that sunglasses make on the wearer’s face
Midternal - noun: smack bang in the middle of a very long week
Nagermor - noun: an interfering mother-in-law
Outrance - noun: the door one takes when making a discreet exit
Progrance - noun: the unmistakable smell of a glossy printed brochure
Queezes - noun: the queue at the chemist for cold and flu remedies
Repurip - noun: a pretentious elixir proclaiming false ideologies
Strooming - verb: going from room to room frantically searching for a lost item
Tribepop - noun: the friends you surround yourself with when attending concert performances
Uncompersick - verb: when you’ve had to unwillingly compromise and now you’re mad about it
Vampillunction - verb: that uncomfortable feeling when you sense you’re being watched by a vampire
Whoopurchase - noun: the item you receive in the post which wasn’t what you ordered
Xarinema - verb: watching a film you thought you’d never seen, that now seems terribly familiar
Yestophobia - noun: fear of having already experienced the present situation
Zestpond - noun: freshly squeezed pondweed or seaweed juice